Share the voice of the customer with your team

Panda lets you record, transcribe and share key highlights from your Zoom calls with your team. Align your team with the voice of the customer

Join product teams that deeply care about customers


Add our Recorder to your Zoom calls to start recording and transcribing your calls

Share key moments

Notes can never tell the full story. With Panda, you can quickly generate shareable video snippets that help build empathy and immerse your team in the voice of the customer

Create and Share short consumable clips that people WILL actually watch

Share to apps like Slack, Notion, Miro and more

Create short and consumable clips from your Zoom calls quickly and easily

A home for your customers knowledge

Build a customer-centric culture by curating your research data in a single location.

A shared company brain

Build a customer-centric culture by curating your research findings in a single location.

Share easily

Share insights with external stakeholders by sending them a public access link.

Upload Zoom meetings

Import your Zoom cloud meeting recordings and transcribe in a just few clicks.

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Join teams that care deeply about the customer


Can I use it without download the Mac Os App?

Yes, you can use the web version that has the exact functionality.

Question two?

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Is this only available for Zoom?

Yes! Currently, we only support Zoom but will be looking into other services provided there is a demand for it.

Question four?

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